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Product Image
Onkyo TX-SR700 6.1 Channels
0 Reviews
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MSRP  270.20
Description: Meet Onkyo's TX-SR700, a versatile 6.1-channel home theater receiver that pulls out all the stops to deliver stunning new levels of soundtrack realism. What's the secret? Well, for a start, it's compatible not only with DTS-ES, but also with Dolby Digital EX, the latest digital surround format from Dolby Laboratories. Simply hook up a rear speaker and immerse yourself in dynamic, 360-degree surround sound. Those swooping helicopter fly-overs never sounded more floor-quakingly realistic. But it's not just your DVDs that sound better with the TX-SR700: Dolby ProLogic II puts a fresh spin on your old CDs too, conjuring spacious, quasi-5.1 channel sound. And when we say "versatile", we mean it. The TX-SR700 is simply brimming with practical easy-to-use functions. You want different AS/V outputs in two rooms at the same time? That's what the powered Zone 2 is for.


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