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Product Image
Klipsch RB-41 II
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  280.00
Description: Your space deserves great sound, and the Klipsch Reference series RB-41 II bookshelf speaker is able to give it to you, without taking over your entire room. Utilizing a 1? titanium horn-loaded tweeter with Klipsch? s Tractrix horn technology, as well as a 4? Cerametallic woofer cone, you? ll be able to enjoy amazing, room filling sound that belies the RB-41 II? s bookshelf size. With the Reference series fifth generation, the updated crossover systems and drivers bring this speaker to a whole new level. Refinements to the look of the speaker make sure that it will seamlessly fit into your home theatre system. <ul> <li>Power rating: 50W (RMS) / 200W (peak)</li> <li>Impedance: 8ohms compatible</li> <li>Woofer: 4" Cerametallic cone woofer</li> <li>Crossover: 1500Hz</li> <li>Inputs: dual binding posts suitable</li> </ul>


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