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Product Image
Yamaha NS-P220 Speaker System
0 Reviews
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MSRP  150.00
Description: The NS-P220 includes five identical two-way speakers for left/center/right and the two surround speakers. Each of these acoustic suspension design satellites contains a 3" Hi-Compliance woofer with rubber surround and a 1/2" mylar dome tweeter. In addition, for versatile placement, all five include wall-mounting brackets. The cabinets have a handsome black finish. A powerful subwoofer is what provides dramatic home theater sound. The NS-P220 includes a sub with 6-1/2" spruce cone driver and a built-in 50-watt advanced YST amplifier. The sub also incorporates auto-sensing on/off, 2-position high-cut filter, line and speaker level inputs, and a volume control to perfectly match its output with the other speakers and the room. The sub can be placed vertically or horizontally. The cabinet has a matching black finish. The satellites, center channel and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded, so they can be placed near a TV with no picture degradation.


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