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Product Image
Pioneer PDV-LC10 7 in. Portable DVD Player
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MSRP  23.00
Description: The Pioneer PDV-LC10 is the first portable from Pioneer, with a ground-breaking 14.5CM screen! Comfortable enough to hold on your knee, this light-weight portable gives the most amazing picture for such a small portable unit. Ideal for train and plane journeys, the Pioneer PDV-LC10 is a must for any traveler or those who are just pushed for space.??A high-precision Twin Wave Laser Pickup is used to read out signals from the disc. It features two laser diodes - one with a 650 nm wavelength for DVD, and the other with 780 nm for CD and Video CD. Since the optimum wavelength is automatically selected and used for each format, data is read with the highest precision. Pioneer's unique mechanism also allows playback of CD-R discs. The Pioneer PDV-LC10 features convenient GUI, Basic/Expert Mode selection and SetUp Navigator (enhanced Help function).


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