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Product Image
AKG Acoustics K 311
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  19.95
Description: Realistic music reproduction demands clean, undistorted bass response, and the new K 311 headphones perform brilliantly, at any listening level. A virtually weightless semi-open design in three designer colors, K 311 extends the AKG professional tradition to ear buds you can take with you anywhere. Realistic music reproduction demands clean, undistorted bass response. The K311ABK performs aptly, delivering crisp sound with a broad frequency response at any level. With a virtually weightless, semi-open design, you can take these ear buds with you anywhere. <ul> <li>Improved bass response</li> <li>Comfortable fit</li> <li>Best for portable DVD, CD and MP3 players</li> <li>iPhone compatible</li> </ul>


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