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Product Image
Pioneer SE-CL21W-J-H Headphones
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  30.00
Description: Staying in keeping with the traditional white earbuds, but adding its own spin, Pioneer SE-CL21 white earbuds have a pearl white finish with a touch of silver. Great for use while you're on the move these SE-CL21 pearl white earbuds will definitely get you excited about your music. It comes with 3 sets of different sized ear caps. Small, medium or large ears, expect to enjoy your music comfortably for hours. No extra long cords or dangling buds here. The SE-CL21s wrap around your neck so they stay on you and not caught on your shirt button. The SE-CL21 iPod replacement headphones also come with an extender cable for those times that you do need an extra long cord.


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