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Product Image
Klipsch G-16
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  299.00
Description: Built to save you floor space (or wall space), the sleek, compact Klipsch G-16 gallery series bookshelf speaker gives you incredible sound quality that belies its small size. Able to be used as a left, right, center, or even surround speaker, this versatile horn-driven speaker is made to complement the look of your flat panel television without compromising your home theater sound. Designed to complement the thinnest flat-panel televisions, the Klipsch® GalleryTM G-16 LCRS delivers pure performance and power that leaves you yearning for more. Most importantly, it can be configured as a left, right, center or surround speaker. Embodying the same power, detail and emotion produced by renowned Klipsch horn-loaded speakers, the G-16 features exclusive Tractrix® Horn technology that effortlessly delivers legendary Klipsch sound. Designed with modern décor in mind, each Klipsch


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