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Product Image
LG BD-630
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  100.00
Description: Make sure youre only giving your HDTV the best visuals with the LG BD630 Blu-ray player. Not only do you get the full visual and audio experience from you favorite Blu-ray movies, 1080p upscaling will make sure you fall back in love with your DVD collection. Plus, you can use an ethernet cable to connect the BD630 to your home network, and get more content thanks to streaming from Netflix, Vudu, and more. <ul> <li>Playable formats: Blu-ray / DVD / CD</li> <li>DLNA compatible</li> <li>Express reaction startup</li> <li>USB 2.0</li> <li>Simplelink connectivity</li> </ul>


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