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Product Image
Apex Digital AD-1500 DVD Player
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  59.00
Description: Apex's AD-1500 DVD player plays DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3 formatted media. Composite- and S-video outputs provide maximal compatibility with nearly any home theater, and a coaxial digital-audio output offers Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound when connected with a compatible receiver.Experience Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround sound from your favorite DVDs with a compatible surround receiver. A virtual surround-sound processor will create similar effects to a four-speaker sound setup through your TV's stereo speakers.Playback options include a built-in screen saver, two-step zoom, chapter/track programmable memory, frame-by-frame advance, support for multiple captions and angles, slow- and fast-motion forward, and parental locking.


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