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Product Image
Philips SJM3151 Universal Remote Remote Control (SJM315127) for iPod
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MSRP  120.00
Description: Control your whole entertainment system with the Philips SJM3151 universal remote. It is designed to work with six devices: TV, VCR, DVD player, cable, satellite and iPod. Comes with iPod docking cradle allowing your iPod to charge and play simultaneously. The remote is set-up with 2-way RF operation allowing for two way communication between docked iPod and remote control. Backlit LCD screen allows you to view and control iPod menu and libraries with ease and allows use anywhere in home - even through walls and floors. Docking station is easily connected to home stereo or powered speakers with a 3.5mm cable. Has capability of sharing video libraries on a larger screen with connection of S-video cable from dock to TV. Remote set-up made easy with included wizard guiding you through step by step process.


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