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Product Image
Skullcandy SC-Ti07
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  74.99
Description: Wear the ultra-gothic Skull Candy Ti headphones over the head and enjoy super sonic sound quality while listening to your favorite music. These over-the-head earphones come with a peak power input of 400mW that produces earth shattering sound to lift your sense. With a frequency response of 16-20K Hz, these Skull Candy 400mW headphones deliver crisp and sharp audio with a balanced high and low tones. The built-in volume control of the Skull Candy Ti headphones let you adjust the volumes according to your need. The ear pads of these over-the-head earphones are nicely cushioned for your comfort. Wildly designed keeping DJs in mind, these Skull Candy 400mW headphones look flashy with its wild colors and graphics.


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