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Product Image
Yamaha RS700
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  499.95
Description: The talented Yamaha Elite-class 2-channel stereo brings beautiful sound into your home. Advanced technology, from the aluminum heat sinks to the gold-plated speaker terminals, ensures high performance and pure, unadulterated audio. <ul> <li>Output power (RMS): 100W x 2 / THD 0.04%</li> <li>Speaker connections: 2-channel A and B L/R</li> <li>Control: Bass / treble / balance / loudness</li> <li>Zone 2 output</li> <li>SIRIUS Satellite Radio ready</li> </ul> Product Features: Number of Channels: 2 Channels; Type: Receiver; Special Features: iPod Ready; Tone Controls: Bass & Treble; Tuner Presets: 40 Channels; Remote Control Type: Standard; Depth: 15.25 in.; Height: 6 in.; Width: 17.13 in.; Weight: 24.7 lb.; Power Consumption: 1000 Watt


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