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Product Image
Aperion Audio Intimus Outdoor
0 Reviews
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MSRP  149.00
Description: Enhance a warm summer evening outside on your deck alongside friends and family with our new Intimus Outdoor Speakers. Now you can get the award-winning Aperion sound for your favorite music on your patio, deck or pool area at an affordable price. It really doesn’t get much better than that! <br> <br>We’ve designed the Intimus Outdoor Speakers with a bass adjustment control and a dual-voice coil woofer that lets you fine-tune the bass with a flip of a switch -- so your music is just the way you like it no matter where you decide to mount your speaker. <br> <br>Enjoying music outside is easy, but until now it’s been difficult to get great sound and tight bass in an outdoor setting without spending a fortune. So get the grill fired up and enjoy sound as warm as the summer sun with your Intimus Outdoor Speakers. <br> <br>Also Available in Alpine White <br> <br>Key Features: <br> <br>•1” audiophile grade silk-dome tweeter <br>•6.5” dual voice coil, woven-fiberglass woofer <br>•Bass adjustment switch <br>•Rugged, weather* and UV-resistant ABS polymer cabinet <br>•Aimable mounting system <br>•Acoustically transparent, powder coated metal grille <br>•5-Way, gold-plated binding posts <br>•Ten year warranty <br>•30-Day No-Risk In-Home Audition™ <br>•FREE SHIPPING - a $28 value per pair** <br>•FREE lifetime customer support <br> <br>*Intimus Outdoor Speakers are built to withstand the elements, but we recommend installing them out of direct weather elements whenever possible. <br>


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