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Product Image
Klipsch SW-311
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  1599.99
Description: Dont compromise power for space with the Klipsch SW311 powered subwoofer. With 500W of low bass potential, this subwoofer features Klipschs hybrid-digital BASH amplifier in a sleek, 13 x 13 x 14 cabinet thats easy to hide. Adaptive Room Correction technology gives the SW311 to give you powerful, accurate bass no matter how your room is shaped. <ul> <li>Frequency Response: 22Hz-120Hz ± 3dB</li> <li>Sensitivity: 106dB @ 40Hz</li> <li>Amplifier: BASH Digital Hybrid class-AB</li> <li>Outputs: Line-level RCA jack</li> </ul>


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